Manuscript Submission – 10 Top Tips to getting it right

Blog Post by Nisha Doshi, Editorial, Cambridge University Press

Ready to submit your manuscript to Cambridge Medicine? Thought you’d finally got the book off your desk but opened your inbox to find a flood of queries from your editor? Here are my ten top tips for keeping your editor happy when you submit your files:

  1. Make sure every chapter file includes the title and chapter number, as well as the names and affiliations of the authors.
  2. Send a table of contents with your chapter files, and make sure the titles of each chapter match the titles on the table of contents.
  3. Send your figures as separate electronic files, such as jpegs, tiff or eps. Make sure these files are labelled clearly (e.g. Fig 1.1) and cite each figure and table in the corresponding chapter. Please do not embed your figures in Word, PowerPoint or pdf files.
  4. Send your figures as high quality images, at a resolution of 300 dpi.
  5. Include legends (or captions) for each figure and table, either at the end of the chapter file or in a separate document.
  6. Do not leave permissions pending, as this will delay production of your book. Use original material wherever possible; if you need to reuse material from another source, you can use our template letter to seek permission. When you have received permission, make sure the relevant acknowledgement is included in the caption.
  7. Make sure the references are in the same style in all chapters – check your editor or author briefing to see if you should use Vancouver or Harvard references.
  8. Check the maximum word and image counts on your editor/author briefing and contract, and make sure the final manuscript stays within these limits.
  9. When you send your final manuscript, final means final! Do not try to make substantial changes afterwards – only minor changes will be permitted once the book is in production.
  10. It never hurts to mention your Cambridge University Press editors in your acknowledgements section! This will brighten their busy week and may make them more willing to accommodate to your last minute requests to replace Figure 3.69 or Appendix 12…

Always remember to refer to your contract and editor/author briefing before sending your final manuscript and – if you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask!


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