Essentials of Pediatric Radiology

Do a little bit more than average and from that point on your progress multiplies itself out of all proportion to the effort put in.

Paul J. Meyer

Two types of Radiology textbooks exist: One type is the easily readable, ultrashort book which covers the most basic essentials and permits the reader to “survive” in the field.  The second type is the comprehensive compendium which represents a valuable resource for in depth information on certain topics, but is too extensive to be read from cover to cover. Our book, “Essentials of Pediatric Radiology” attempts to blend these two types by providing a detailed overview of selected topics which are commonly encountered in the daily practice of Pediatric Radiology. Our book is concise enough to be read completely, yet it provides more detailed information compared to other brief textbooks in the field, thereby allowing the reader to acquire more in depth knowledge. The topics presented have been chosen based upon practical considerations and include commonly encountered topics in Pediatric Radiology (such as neonatal chest disorders and trauma imaging), challenging topics (such as bone dysplasias and transplant imaging), and practical “hot topics” (such as correct positioning of medical devices and radiation protection).  Recognizing recent advances in imaging technologies, all presented topics cover the full gamut of up-to-date radiological diagnostic techniques, including conventional radiography, ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, current CT and MRI techniques, and PET-CT. Chapters are arranged according to pathology rather than organ system. This provides the reader with clinically oriented information when employing “whole body” techniques or analyzing scans which involve multiple anatomic sites. Each chapter is richly illustrated with high quality images, as well as graphs, tables, and decision flow charts, in order to feature as many cases as possible and to train the reader to consider differential diagnoses. 

Realizing that no single author can be an expert in every topic, this book has been written by a team of distinguished Pediatric Radiologists from renowned universities and Children’s hospitals. This book is intended to provide Pediatric Radiology fellows, advanced radiology residents, general radiologists, pediatricians and pediatric surgeons with state of the art information regarding the most common, the most important and the most challenging topics in Pediatric Radiology.  In order to allow trainees to test their diagnostic proficiency for Board examinations or CAQ examinations, the book is complemented by online presentations of cases as “unknowns”.

It is our sincere desire to provide our readers with a tool to develop a thorough understanding of practical Pediatric Imaging, so that they may improve their diagnostic proficiency and excel in their profession. This book is dedicated to the children in hospitals worldwide who, hopefully, will receive more accurate diagnoses and enhanced treatment because well trained physicians have taken the time and effort to educate themselves beyond minimum requirements.

Essentials of Pediatric Radiology is edited by Heike E. Daldrup-Link and Charles A. Gooding and published by Cambridge University Press


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