The Practical Management of Bipolar Disorder

Blog Post by Allan H. Young, University of British Columbia, Vancouver and I. Nicol Ferrier, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Bipolar disorder is now acknowledged to be the heartland of psychiatry and core to our clinical concepts of mood disorders. It is an illness which causes a very great amount of human suffering. In recent years we have seen some real advances in our understanding of the causes of bipolar disorder with important findings published about the role of genetics, neuropsychology, stress hormones and a large number of trials published about treatment. However, for the busy clinician a guide to the best way to translate this knowledge into care is lacking and for this reason we decided to create this book focussed on the “Practical Management” of bipolar disorder and to cover all of its multifarious aspects; from drug treatment to psychosocial function. We are very grateful that a number of distinguished expert colleagues have contributed chapters summarizing key issues in the practical management of bipolar disorder. We trust that clinicians will find this volume helpful and look forwards to receiving feedback. We hope that in some, small way this book will improve patient care.

Practical Management of Bipolar Disorder by Allan H. Young, I. Nicol Ferrier, Erin E. Michalakis is publishing this week, and available to order from Cambridge University Press


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