Cambridge University Press takes a leap into the digital age

Blog Post by Nisha Doshi, Editorial, Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press, the oldest Press in the world, has recently launched a new platform for its eBooks that gives researchers and academics all over the world access to over 7,000 academic and professional books electronically.

The new eBook platform, Cambridge Books Online, has been established in response to a growing demand for digital content. Over 7,000 individual academic books are now available, with more being added every day and over 10,000 titles expected by Summer 2010.

With the launch of Cambridge Books Online, both frontlist and backlist content is now available to purchase for a single one-off access fee, offering even more flexibility. Cambridge Books Online offers content in many fields of contemporary scholarship, including world-renowned books in science, technology and medicine, as well as the humanities and social sciences. Comprehensive library support resources are also available, including MARC records, usage statistics, access and authentication tools. Cambridge Books Online has powerful search and browse tools. Books can be found quickly and easily, and hyperlinked references allow for cross-searching, making it an excellent tool for interdisciplinary studies.

Buying content from Cambridge Books Online means that libraries never need to run out of paper copies of books, as they can now obtain unlimited online access to books and content, making it very cost effective for stretched budgets. The content in Cambridge Books Online is competitively priced and there are a range of flexible purchase plans and custom packages. Buying books and downloading online also means benefits for the environment, as there is hardly any waste involved in production or distribution. The content may be downloaded in PDF format straight onto a computer. 

Stephen Bourne, Chief Executive of Cambridge University Press said: “Cambridge Books Online is a magnificent addition to the growing Cambridge online presence. A lot of work has gone into designing and testing the site to ensure it is as user-friendly as possible, and we are confident that we offer some of the best content, at the best prices, on the market.

 “As library and academic budgets are increasingly stretched, we believe eBooks and content packages have a vital role to play in delivering quality content at affordable prices and Cambridge Books Online is a major step towards making this happen. We have worked closely with academics and librarians throughout its development to be certain that the site delivers what they need, with unrivalled coverage of a wide range of subject areas.”

For more information about Cambridge Books Online, visit


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