CAM-ICU Delirium Test

Blog Post and YouTube video by Valerie Page, UK national clinical lead in ICU delirium

Watch the YouTube video now on CAM-ICU Delirium Test

ICU delirium is associated with adverse outcomes particularly long-term cognitive impairment, effectively at the very least a mild dementia and second that it will usually go undiagnosed unless we screen for it.  To diagnose and manage delirium does not require equipment, money or a great deal of training.  If we can modify the incidence or duration of delirium “delirium dose” there is the potential for improving patient’s outcomes, particularly brain function.

ICU delirium is very common particularly in patients on ventilators and distressing to patients, staff and relatives.  It has previously been thought to be inevitable or benign but if we can modify it by diagnosing it and managing it we can potentially make a real difference to patient outcomes.  Death of an ICU patient is a tragedy but dementia is a disaster.

This youtube video effectively demonstrates how to screen for ICU delirium. For more information, Valerie Page and Wesley Ely will be publishing a text on Delirium in Critical Care, available from January 2011


One Response to CAM-ICU Delirium Test

  1. Jim Amos says:

    Hi Valerie,

    Sorry this is so late getting to you, Valerie. I think your video on the implementation of the CAM-ICU is superb. I can’t tell you how much I value your effort in delirium prevention. It’s extremely encouraging to me and others on our own Delirium Early Detection and Prevention Project here at The University of Iowa. I’m also supporting your new book you co-authored with Wes Ely, who has been directly supportive of the Iowa delirium prevention effort as well. Congratulations!

    Jim Amos, MD
    The Practical Psychosomaticist,

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