Clinical Infectious Disease has a Second Edition!

Clinical Infectious Disease

Clinical Infectious Disease

My goal in designing this text has been to provide a user-friendly but comprehensive Infectious Disease reference for the busy clinician. Positioned in size between the various pocket guides and huge encyclopedic references, our book allows for a convenient but thorough review of an Infectious Disease topic.

We include the traditional syndrome-oriented and organism-oriented chapters, but, keeping the bedside clinician in mind, I have included chapters on many specific topics that are often difficult to research. For example, the chapter on Esophageal Infections includes such diverse etiologies as CMV, Herpes Simplex, Candida, tuberculosis and trypanosomes. Again, Recreational Water Exposure considers infections related to activities such as swimming, boating and hot tubs, and includes a huge variety of infections, helpfully organized, ranging from hot tub folliculitis and Seabather’s eruption to vibriosis and cryptosporidial gastroenteritis.

Additional interesting and important differential diagnoses characterize chapters on Sexually-Transmitted Enteric Infections, Splenic Abscess, Iliopsoas Abscess, Myelitis, Diabetes and Infection, Infection in the Alcoholic, Infections in the Elderly and Infected Implants. The chapter on Bioterrorism provides syndromic comparisons among these critically important infections, exploring presentations such as fulminant pneumonia, sepsis with hemorrhage, and skin lesions, and the chapter is enhanced by spectacular images of patients, skin lesions and radiographic studies.

This edition also includes two new chapters, on  Probiotics and Biologic therapies, which are increasingly important in the Infectious Disease realm. My continuing goal is to provide a practical and authoritative guide for the clinician dealing with the fascinating world of Infectious Diseases.

-Dr. David Scholossberg


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