Are You Stressed? Do You Suffer from Workplace Anxiety?

Name: Stress

Name: Stress

This year’s stress awareness day bases itself around workplace wellbeing and how this can be beneficial for your business. According to the Health and Safety Executive for Britain, workplace stress is responsible for the loss of 9.9 million working days or 43% of absenteeism and 35% of work related ill health in 2014/15.

In the right amounts, pressure can sustain motivation, and drive personal performance, but if the pressure is too much it can lead to demoralisation and under performance. Certain businesses have take much more criticism than others, indeed the banking industry and other city jobs often being singled out as high pressure environments with alarmingly high suicide rates. Long hours, work overload and highly competitive work relationships can all lead to workplace stress and poor mental health.

Social anxiety can also be a major cause of stress. The need to have a partner, a family, or even a large social media presence with lots of Facebook friends where one can advertise their successful social lives, all trigger stress and anxiety. The idea of maintaining or increasing your social status can create a stressful environment outside of work. Other causes of stress have been attributed to living in a city. Urbanisation with its loud noises, busy streets and general ‘hustle and bustle’ can also lead to higher stress levels.

Stress itself is not a medical diagnosis; however it can lead to depression, anxiety or more severe mental health issues and be a symptom of a more serious condition or disease. Even so, the majority of people do not see stress as a genuine illness and often do not take it seriously. General awareness around its symptoms and consequences can help prevent it from being a gateway to more serious health concerns.

Here you can find a general guide to identifying your personal stress symptoms, and useful tips for managing your stress.

– James Jarvis


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