Haematological malignancies – a complex and expensive diagnosis

Blog Post by Wendy Erber , Consultant Haematologist and Clinical Director, Haemo-Oncology Diagnostic Service, Haematology Department, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

The diagnosis of haematological malignancies is complex, expensive and evolving rapidly. There is a myriad of diagnostic tests that can be applied to the analysis of malignant hematological disease. Which of these many tests should be performed and on which sample and at what time-point in the progress of the disease? As director of a large haemato-oncology diagnostic service and supervisor of haematologists in-training, I have seen the difficulties trainees have experienced, and the time, effort and resources wasted on poorly focused testing due to lack of knowledge in these areas. Read more of this post


Is blood aging?

Blog Post by Lodovico Balducci, M.D., H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Florida

Blood is the crossroad of all bodily changes. Blood may age and certainly blood reflects the physiologic aging of a person, not unlike a river that reflects the degree of pollution of an industrialized nation. The novel goal of the ESH First International Conference on Haematological Malignancies in the Elderly taking place in Lisbon on July 2-4 is twofold: to assess the age of a person through the exam of his/her blood, and to manage effectively the hematological malignancies that are becoming more and more common with age. Read more of this post

“So you want to become a COLORECTAL consultant surgeon” Career Pathways 5

Blog Post by Mr Nigel Hall, Colorectal Consultant Surgeon

·         What does the speciality offer?                 

Coloproctology encompasses a wide variety of  conditions (benign and malignant, acute and chronic, functional and organic, sporadic and hereditary, trivial and life threatening), in both sexes and all age groups, treatable through a range of techniques – open surgery, laparoscopic, transanal and endoscopic.  Our patients require holistic care and challenge us to improve their lives.  It is a stimulating and rewarding environment, and friendly too with a lot of multidisciplinary and team working. There is plenty of scope for research, teaching and training.  Coloproctology is the backbone of general surgery – and a major specialty in every hospital – you need look no further for a great job! Read more of this post

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