A Meeting of Minds – Cambridge Clinical Neuroscience and Mental Health Symposium

Blog Post by Jenny Ridge, Academic & Professional Marketing, Medicine

neuroscience logoThe Cambridge Clinical Neuroscience and Mental Health Symposium starts today, with Press authors ready to speak on the most up-to-date research.

Organised by Cambridge Neuroscience, whose mission is to increase our fundamental understanding of brain function and enhance quality of life, the Symposium is a highly significant event for all neuroscientists. The Symposium connects the varied and vast areas of neuroscience research and teaching that takes place across the University of Cambridge and affiliated institutions and is vital to furthering the aims of Cambridge Neuroscience.

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World Heart Day – The Battle Against Heart Disease

Blog Post by Nisha Doshi, Editorial, Cambridge University Press

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases claim 17.5 million lives per year, representing about 30% of global deaths. To raise awareness about heart disease and stroke, and the associated risk factors such as tobacco, physical inactivity and unhealthy diets, Sunday 27th September 2009 is World Heart Day.

This year’s World Heart Day theme is ‘Work With Heart’ and is aimed to encourage healthier habits within the work place: the World Heart Federation states that almost half of those who die from chronic diseases such as heart attacks and stroke are of working age, while employees engaged in physical activity have greater enjoyment of their work, increased concentration and mental alertness, and better rapport with colleagues. Activities across the world include: radio programmes and an organised walk in Ghana; sporting events, presentations, guided walks and a concert in Slovenia; an orchestral performance, body building, Nordic walking and theme dancing in China; and running events and the launch of teaching centres in Uruguay.

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